NO&BR_infect path from path _ max dist

Option Explicit
‘Script written by <naomi ocko and ben riley>
‘Script copyrighted by <insert company name>
‘Script version Monday, 09 November 2009 18:58:49

Call Main()
Sub Main()

 Dim i,j,k
 Dim acs, apts
 Dim aPlan, dRad, dRadMax, dRadDefault
 Dim sCrv, aparam
 Dim aPt, aPtOnCrv
 Dim dTreshold, dD
 ‘Dim RedIDs
 Dim Allpts
 Dim dThresh
 ‘Dim iterations
 Dim sp, sC
 Dim nFibers ‘aptsCircle
 Dim vect,mid
 ‘Allpts = rhino.GetObjects (“sel pts”,1)
 acs = rhino.GetObjects(“pick crvs”, 4)
 If isnull(acs) Then Exit Sub
 sCrv = rhino.GetObject(“pick path”, 4)
 If isnull(sCrv) Then Exit Sub
 ‘dTreshold value was 3
 dTreshold = 7
 dRadMax = .1
 dRadDefault = 0.001
 Call Rhino.EnableRedraw(False)
 ” ———————————————————–
 ” divide crvs
 For i=0 To ubound (aCs)
  mid = rhino.CurveMidPoint (aCs(i))
  aParam = rhino.CurveClosestPoint(sCrv, mid)
  aPtOnCrv = rhino.EvaluateCurve(sCrv,aParam)
  dD = xyDist (mid,aPtOnCrv)
  apts = rhino.DivideCurveLength(aCs(i), 0.1)
  ReDim aptsCircle(UBound(apts))
  For j = 0 To UBound(apts)
   ” PT
   ‘sp = rhino.addPoint(apts(j))
   aParam = rhino.CurveClosestPoint(sCrv, aPts(j))
   aPtOnCrv = rhino.EvaluateCurve(sCrv,aParam)
   dD = xyDist (aPtOnCrv,aPts(j))
   ” RAD
   ‘If dD < dTreshold Then
   If dD < random(.0001, 1)* dTreshold Then
   ‘If dD < random(.1,.7)* dTreshold Then    ‘dRad = dRadmax – (dRadMax * dD/dTreshold)
    ‘zdist = abs (aPts(j)(2),aPtOnCrv(2))
    ‘dRad = (dRadMax*(dD^2/dTreshold)) + dD/30
    ‘If dD < 1.5 then
     dRad = (dRadMax*(dD^2/dTreshold)) + dRadDefault
    ‘Else dRad = dRadMax
    ‘End If
    ‘vect = rhino.vectorcreate (aPts(j),aPtOnCrv)
    ‘vect = rhino.vectorscale (vect, 0.66)
    ‘aPts(j) = rhino.PointAdd (aPts(j),vect)

    aPlan = Rhino.MovePlane(Rhino.WorldXYPlane(),aPts(j))
    sC = Rhino.AddCircle (aPlan,dRad)
    ‘dRad = dRadMax
   End If

 Call Rhino.EnableRedraw(True)
End Sub
Function xyDist (pt1,pt2)
 Dim d,pt1f,pt2f
 pt1f = rhino.PointAdd (pt1,array(0,0,-pt1(2)))
 pt2f = rhino.PointAdd (pt2,array(0,0,-pt2(2)))
 d = rhino.Distance (pt1f,pt2f)
 xyDist = d
End Function
Function Random (min, max)

 Random = Rnd*(max-min) + min

End Function

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