Option Explicit
‘Script written by <MathewStaudt>
‘Script copyrighted by <None>
‘Script version Friday, September 18, 2009 3:00:15 PM

Call Main()

Sub Main()

 ‘Get Closed Polylines And declare flow control variable
 ‘4 Is a selection filter (see help files)
 Dim Polylines : Polylines = rhino.GetObjects (“Select tiangle”,4)
 Dim distLim : distLim = 5 ‘tells script To Stop subdividing once a curve Is shorter than disLim
 Dim i  ‘a counter

 ‘Loop through all polylines And subdivide them over And over again
 For i=0 To Ubound (Polylines)
  ‘Function has 2 inputs : the curve To subdivide And the limit To how small the subdivision can go
  Call SubDivide (Polylines(i),distLim)

End Sub

Function SubDivide (cell,lim) ‘(Function inputs)

 ‘Declare all variables used In the Function
 Dim midpts,cntr,crvpts
 Dim j,a
 Dim lngth
 Dim line

 midpts = f_getMidsFromPoly (cell) ‘custom Function that returns an array of midpoint coordinates
 cntr = rhino.CurveAreaCentroid (cell) ‘method returns an array of 2 elements, we are only interested In the first: cntr(0) see help files
 crvpts = rhino.CurvePoints (cell) ‘method returns the endpts of the polyline as an array 3d coordinates

 For j=0 To ubound (midpts)
  ‘rhino.AddTextDot “M” & j,midpts (j)
  ‘rhino.AddTextDot “P” & j,crvpts  (j)

  ‘the New cell Is drawn by looping through all the midpoints,
  ‘drawing a line from that midpoint To the cntr, To the midpoint In front of him, To the curvepoint In front of him, And back To himself
  ‘a problem arrises when you Get To the last midpoint In the array ( midpts(Ubound(midpts) ) there Is no midpoint In font of him!
  ‘ To solve this problem you tell the script that If you are at the last midpoint : j= Ubound (midpoints)
  ‘ Then look To the first midpoint In the array ‘ a=0 otherwise look In front of you a=j+1
  If j = Ubound (midpts) Then
  End If

  ‘draw New cell Then measure the length of it To check If you should continue To subdivide
  line = rhino.AddPolyline ( array  ( midpts(j),cntr(0),midpts(a),crvpts(a),midpts(j) ))
  lngth = rhino.CurveLength (line)
  ‘If the length of the New cell Is long enough, subdivide it again
  If lngth > lim Then
   Call SubDivide (line,lim)
  End If

End Function

Function f_getMidsFromPoly (plyln)

 ‘Is custom To Null a Function first
 f_getMidsFromPoly = Null

 ‘explode curves, Get their midpoints
 Dim explode : explode = rhino.ExplodeCurves (plyln)
 Dim mids()
 ReDim mids (ubound (explode))
 Dim i

 For i=0 To ubound (explode)
  mids(i) = rhino.CurveMidPoint (explode (i))

 ‘Fuction output Is defined as such:
 f_getMidsFromPoly = mids

 ‘Delete exploded curves
 rhino.DeleteObjects explode

End Function

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